Working with Larger Bodies is recognized by the CrossFit Certification Department to offer continuing education for Certified CrossFit Trainers. This program has been approved for 8 CEUs of General Professional Development. Certified CrossFit Trainers must only report CEUs equal to the hours actually spent participating in the continuing-education activity.

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Our Working with Larger Bodies seminar is now live!

Our seminar not only covers how to physically train and progress athletes through movements commonly seen in CrossFit® and other types of functional-fitness training but also how to educate and empower trainers and gym owners to make their gyms a welcoming and compatible environment for Larger Bodies.

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scaled nation


Empowering coaches through education and advocacy.

Scaled Nation Training is a fitness-education and CrossFit Affiliate specializing in working with Larger-Bodied Athletes.

Founded by Athena Perez, Scaled Nation Training’s mission is to improve the lives of athletes living with obesity by empowering their coaches through education and advocacy.

Our mission is to utilize functional fitness methodology to build a healthy, thriving, and active community while also enriching the relationship between athlete and coach through community, education, inclusion, and continuity in training.  

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working with

larger bodies

Proven strategies and training for Coaches, Trainers, Affiliate Owners, and even friends and family

Master the fundamentals of working with larger bodies - because "one size fits all" doesn't work!

We want to equip you to better serve members other gyms can't or won't. This seminar was developed by Coaches and hundreds of larger-bodied athletes who understand chronic disease, larger body mechanics, scaling, movement modifications, and mindset psychology specific to this population.

This exciting full-day seminar is designed to provide comprehensive training on both the physical aspects of coaching athletes in CrossFit® and other functional-fitness training, as well as the essential skills needed to create a supportive and inclusive environment for athletes of all sizes. Join us as we dive into the techniques and strategies for effectively training and progressing athletes, while also empowering trainers and gym owners to foster a welcoming and compatible space for Larger Bodies.

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30 Sept 2023  |  Saturday

September 30 2023 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Diablo CrossFit
 2447 Estand Way, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


Diablo CrossFit - Pleasant Hill, CA (San Francisco)



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12 Oct 2023  |  Thursday

October 12 2023 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Vila CrossFit
R. Gonzaga Bastos, 219 - Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22541-000, Brazil


Vila CrossFit - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil



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What others are saying

"It was amazing to learn in a deeper way about how to understand people. Like Greg Glassman said that our business is in the relationship business and we should be concerned about three things in our affiliate: caring, caring, caring! This course opened my mind to how to understand people and how to care more broadly. I've done several CrossFit courses and this course was one of the most impactful and gave me many useful tools to be used in my affiliate.."

Daniel Candiani

Completed course in January 2023

"I learned so much about humanity and empathy through this course from two of the most badass women I've ever met in my life. They honored Greg Glassman and the CrossFit methodology while also recognizing the need for growth and improvement. I can't recommend this seminar enough to anyone who believes in CrossFit and the science behind it. Thank you for a fabulous day of education and for helping me see..."

Dr. Deb Taranik

Completed course in January 2023

"Say hello to playing with your kids, getting off medications, being confident in your own skin, and actual LIFE health. Our eyes were opened, our hearts were filled and most importantly we have more tools in our box to better serve our community. We want our future members to know… we see you. We will listen. We will challenge you, we will teach you and we won’t quit. Fellow CrossFit affiliates… this training is quite honestly spectacular.  Sign up"

Sara Williams - CrossFit 1936 RiverCity Fitness

Completed course in July 2022

"This course exceeded my expectations! I work with several larger bodied athletes and after the class I was given tools and support to be a better coach for these people and others that our gym will have in the future. It made me look at how I can improve as a coach and improve my facility as an affiliate owner. Go the the class you won't be disappointed. "

Maria Lempicki- CrossFit Enforce

Completed course in January 2023



Why take the Seminar? Here's what's in it for you:

Increase your knowledge and understanding of obesity.

Learn how to cultivate trust and rapport through authenticity and connection.

Improve your knowledge of larger bodies by addressing common concerns from the athlete's perspective to empower and support individuals affected by obesity.

Recognize the opportunity for business growth with the larger-bodied demographic and how to implement it.

Improve your coaching skills by learning how to create a continuum of small wins, build confidence in athletes, and develop a more robust gym culture.

Have increased confidence and creativity when developing modification and progression options.

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