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Featured in Morning Chalk Up 7-22-22: Our Collab with Born Primitive

Fitness wear for larger bodies, plus sizes

Athena Perez

July 12, 2022


Summary from Morning Chalk Up

A couple of years ago, Scaled Nation initiated a campaign on the Instagram page, We Belong in CrossFit, urging CrossFit apparel companies to produce extended sizes for larger bodied athletes. Despite initial interest from several companies, including Reebok, no progress was made until Mallory Handlon, co-founder and owner of Born Primitive, decided to take up the challenge.

Born Primitive was up for the challenge

Born Primitive, in collaboration with Scaled Nation and a group of 30 larger bodied women, embarked on a journey of research and development to create plus-size training clothes that are comfortable, well-fitting, and stylish. This week, they released their first line of clothing for larger bodied female athletes, including sports bras, a lightweight jogging pant, a long-sleeved warm-up shirt, and a tank racerback, with leggings soon to follow.

We here at Scaled Nation know firsthand the struggle of finding quality workout gear for larger bodied athletes. We believe that the issue is not whether it can be done, but whether brands are willing to carry the larger sizes. Born Primitive’s approach, which involved letting 30 women sample various styles and sizes of clothing and provide feedback, resulted in products we are proud of. Handlon confirmed that they plan to expand the line in the future, recognizing the need to serve a demographic that has long been overlooked.

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Athena Perez

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